Youth Exchange: "Give Religion A Chance"

The Youth exchange "Give Religion a Chance: Religion as a tool of social inclusion” will gather 36 young people from different religious and cultural backgrounds from 6 countries (Greece, Latvia, Italy, Cyprus, Israel and Egypt) for 7 days (without travel dates), 31st of March - 8th of April, 2017 in Tinos island, Greece – an island of religious pilgrimage where Catholic and Orthodox citizens live side by side in peace and respect, to give to the participants the chance to explore, understand and meet their lifestyle, their culture and take part in local activities. Tinos is the most important Orthodox centre of worship in Greece but, in the same time, an important Catholic centre too; a mix of religious traditions gives to the island a particular character. There will also be Advanced Planning Meeting for 2 days on 17th to 19th February (without travel days) in Athens, where the leaders will meet in order to get ready their teams in more sufficient way for upcoming action in Tinos. 

Young people in the youth exchange "Give Religion a Chance: Religion as a tool of social inclusion" will be shaping the future of our societies and they will not only be the stakeholders but also the contributors towards building a stable society with understanding, tolerance and acceptance. This youth exchange will help young people from different religious backgrounds to understand each other, to face each other differences, values and beliefs, to accept them, to build good interfaith and form friendships. Participants will represent their countries’ religious background and inform others about their values, customs and beliefs. They will analyze and discuss the changes that religion has undergone till today and the conflicts that may have appeared (eg. between generations, tolerance in other religions, migration etc.). The participants will raise their awareness of the different religions and understand the role of religion nowadays. 

With the help of the tools and methodologies of Erasmus+ projects, non-formal educational methods in interfaith dialogue will be implemented by the participants of this project. 
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