Youth Exchange "Learning To Speak Your Mind"
Where? Bodo Village (near Timisoara), Romania
When? 23 August - 1 September 2017

DreamTeam is looking for 5 participants (Greeks or based in Greece) aged 18-30 and a team leader without age limit for the Youth Exchange 'Learning To Speak Your Mind', focusing on developing public speaking skills and aiming to prepare youth to integrate efficiently into a European society that is in a permanent change, based on efficient and effective communication and intercultural interaction between different nations.  
The program fully covers travel, food and accommodation.No need to buy a ticket as there will be a mini-bus driving all 6 participants from Thessaloniki to the venue of the project on August 23rd early in the morning and bringing you back to Thessaloniki on 1st September. 

Selected participants will receive all the details of the travel itinerary by e-mail.

Just download and fill the application…/0BwVx5Dxm6NnweDQxRmhVVDhsU3M/edit and send it to until 8 of August.
We are waiting for you!

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