CALL FOR LATVIAN PARTICIPANTS!!! - Deadline 20.09.2017

Youth Exchange "Taste Without Frontiers"
Where? Athens
When? 1-10 October 2017

DreamTeam is looking for 5 Latvian participants (age 18-30) for our Youth Exchange "Taste Without Frontiers" that will take place from 1 to 10 October 2017 in Athens! 
The aim of this YE is to explore the European culinary diversity as it has evolved by the flow of migrants during the last decades by active participation in interviews, presentations, games and outdoor activities. Participants will have the chance to taste different migrant food every night, interview the local migrant community and be actively involved with them.  
The program fully covers accommodation and food; travel expenses up to 360€.

Stay tuned for our upcoming projects!

Join the dream! Join Erasmus+!

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