Metadrasi Study Visit #TasteWithoutFrontiers

During the Youth Exchange "Taste Without Frontiers" that took place in Athens from 1-10 October, 2017 and was coordinated by DreamTeam, participants had the chance to visit NGO METAdrasi and be informed about the activities of the Organization towards refugees.

METAdrasi is a Greek NGO founded in 2010 which helps to facilitate the reception and integration of refugees and immingrants in Greece. It is focused on services not covered by the Public Authorities or other NGOs in Greece. METAdrasi operates mainly in two sectors: interpretation services and the protection of unaccompanied children. 

Special thanks to Christina Dimakou, Head of Programme&Development Department that explained us the Organizations' work and helped us to have a clearer image about refugees in Greece and the actions they take for their protection and inclusion to society. #studyvisit #TasteWithoutFrontiers #erasmusplus

Find more about Metadrasi's activities:

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