Youth Heritage Story - the cultural expedition of 44 young Europeans to São Miguel

44 young Europeans participated between October 6-14, 2021, in an international exchange on cultural heritage and backpack journalism, organized by ACTonYouth Portugal. 

The “Youth Heritage Story” project is designed as a context for learning and reflection on the discovery, conservation, and promotion of cultural heritage in Europe and the overseas territories. 

The project is co-financed by the European UnionErasmus + program.

The European Union has a special cooperation with 25 territories under the responsibility of Portugal, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Denmark. 

The Youth Heritage Story project is dedicated to young Europeans from Romania, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Greece and Latvia, and encourages them to get involved, understand the potential of this heritage, and promote the hidden, lesser known or forgotten cultural elements of European overseas territories, especially Azores, where the youth exchange takes place.

Backpack journalism is a powerful learning tool for young people. The digital tools needed for young people to start becoming creators of journalistic content about cultural heritage are minimal, accessible, and easily fit in a backpack: a video camera, portable editing software, a laptop, a smartphone connected to the internet.

During the mobility, the 44 young people attending, without the training of professional journalists, learn to use these modern tools to increase the level of awareness and involvement of locals regarding the conservation of European cultural heritage: tangible, intangible and natural, said Alina Boldisor, coordinator of ACTonYouth.

During the 9 days, participants developed new key skills such as cultural awareness and expression, digital skills and active citizenship and have shared concrete ways to protect, conserve, promote and discover cultural heritage. The skills and abilities acquired during the mobility were reflected in the International Youthpass certificate that the participants received at the end.

During the activities, the young people discovered how to write thematic digital stories about local traditions, customs, and culture, build a digital herbarium to promote the flora of the island Sao Miguel, created a collection of traditional games from the 6 European territories and launched “Youth Heritage Story” awareness campaign through the dedicated Instagram page. Non-formal activities and workshops during the youth exchange will result in an online platform on which the materials made by the participants will be uploaded under the guidance of the team coordinators from each country, as well as the formation of a European network of young people specialized in backpack journalism and cultural journalism.

Youth Heritage Story is a project implemented between 15.05.2020 - 15.12.2021, coordinated by ActOnYouth Portugal, in partnership with European organizations: Dream Team Greece, Do Great Things Latvia, Make a Circle Italy, GeoClub Italy, Meraki Croatia.


Αν θέλεις και εσύ να ζήσεις μία αντίστοιχη εμπειρία "ζωής" μείνε συντονισμένος στη σελίδα μας για να ενημερώνεσαι για τις δράσεις μας στην Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό!

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