An ode to ethnic cuisine of Athens

During our Youth Exchange "Taste Without Frontiers" that took place in Athens from 1st to 10th October 2017, we had the chance to visit different migrant kitchens every night and listen to the stories of the owners and those behind the food we ate.


Andreas, one of the two brothers running this small family enterprise that serves food from the Middle East, told us their family story: a family with roots from Antioch and Lebanon, Cyprus and Constantinople. 
He informed us that Feyrouz opened 4 years ago and since then serves fresh and slow cooked food. Andreas runs the business with his younger brother Savvas and "Feyrouz" is their mother's name who is cooking the delicious food they serve, transfering their middle eastern flavours to Athenians.
What we ate: lahmajun and pumpkin soup with zaatar and sun dried tomatoes.
More information about Feyrouz:

Lily lives in Athens for 17 years with her family (she has two children). Her restaurant is located in the Chinatown of Athens and most of her clients are Chinese because she serves original Chinese food. Does she seem integrated to the Athenian society? Not really. She does not seem very happy with her life in Athens, however, she got used to this life after so many years. She misses China and her relatives that still live there. She tries to visit them every year.

Mr. Giorgos was born in Egypt by Egyptian-Greek parents but he had to come back to Greece in order to study and get a job. He is living here since then, with his wife (who was also born in Egypt) and their children. He is perfectly integrated in the society since he feels (and is) Greek. He has strong ties with Egypt, he also has many relatives in Egypt and visits them 3-4 times per year. We had the chance to taste delicious Egyptian food at the Association Of Greeks From Egypt, and had the chance to learn the Association's history, aims and activity. 


Aza, the owner of this Georgian restaurant, lives in Athens for 14 years already and speaks perfectly Greek. She runs this Georgian restaurant for a long time but the last years it opens only on Saturdays and Sundays as Georgian women work during the weekdays. 
Her mother keeps a smaller Georgian fast food around the corner that serves original delicacies (khachapuri, khinkali etc.) and is open every day. The restaurant attracts only Georgian people - mostly women - who have come to Greece to work, mainly in the field of elderly care. Every Sunday there is live music and big parties are taking place in her restaurant. She loves Greece and her life here.

Mahmout is from Egypt, he came to Athens in 2008 and works in this falafel shop in Vathis Square, that serves a mixture of Egyptian and Lebanese cuisine. 
It opened at 2009 with his friend who is from Lebanon. He is very happy with his life in Athens and his favourite food is falafel :) 

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