DreamTeam x ROMANTSO

During the Youth Exchange "Get UP, Start UP!" that took place in Athens from 13-21 April, 2018 we had the opportunity to meet Mr. Vasilis Charalambidis, the creative mind behind BIOS, Romantso, LAATRAC who guided us through Romantso and the entrepreneurial scene of Athens.

We had the chance to see new start-up companies in their working space, learn about the opportunities that young entrepreneurs have, we got inspired by real start-uppers and by the energy and creative talent of Mr. Charalambidis.

*BIOS Romantso Incubator is a platform that welcomes, establishes and professionally activates young creatives within the broader landscape of the arts. Based in the historic building of Romantso magazine in the center of Athens, new business creative teams, with artistic, educational and new technology focus, are hosted in studios – work spaces and operate in the building. In addition, Romantso hosts exhibitions, concerts, performances, collective actions, workshops and seminars.

Learn more about Romantso: http://www.romantso.gr/
BIOS-exploring urban culture: http://www.bios.gr/
LAATRAC: https://el-gr.facebook.com/LATRAAC/
The Youth Exchange "Get Up, Start Up!" was financed by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.
During the 8 days of the activities, 35 young people from 5 different countries (Greece, Italy, Romania, Portugal and Turkey) came together and worked on the topic of youth entrepreneurship. 

Come join the dream!

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