"Doing it ProAktiv" Initiative

In the end of September, 56 people from more than 7 countries gathered in picturesque town in the Carpathian Mountains for an Erasmus+ project. Everyone went there with their own unique character, life story, social and culture background, their own expectation about the program, about their objectives. After 11 quality days full of activities, debates, long discussions, unique experience (including a Hiking for half day in Calimani national park!), some good night parties, deep connection and family spirit, participants left the project with mix feelings, new ambitions, dreams, ideas and a strong promise to themselves and other members to be more proactive citizens.

In order to keep their promise and highly motivated by their experience in Romania, the participants of each country went back to their place of living with a lifelong task to take action in their community.
As a member of the Greek Team we mention some of our feelings and some of the recent activities that followed after the program in Vatra Dornei:
Anastasia Bafouni
After the youth exchange “Do It ProAktiv” which took place 25 September-7 October 2018, I was more motivated to be more proactive towards environmental issues. During the whole project, we got introduced of simple everyday actions that can cause a measurable environmental impact, so when I returned from the project I started with a few simple actions. I introduced to my friends and classmates the concept of mother flower and made them think twice about recycling. We discovered that there is a number of recycling bins all around our university unused, so we decided from now on to use them every day. This came as a surprise to some students and professors, as they also had lack of experience with the recycling system in our country, but they also promised to join our effort.
The next step was copied again from an action that happened in the program. During the hiking, some participants brought bags and gloves in order to clean the forest during our long walk.
When I had the chance to go for a day trip to the local villages, I followed this concept with my friends and we travelled prepared. We brought the equipment for cleaning and as we enjoyed the day, we collected everything that was on our way. The locals were really surprised with our action because 1) they didn’t expect “strangers” to care so much about their village and 2) because they lived there their everyday life, but they have never organized a collective cleaning. They seemed thrilled by this small action and they assured us that they will follow our example.

Alexandros Tsiakalos
My hometown is Trikala, so my follow up activity took place in Trikala! The first photo is taken inside the factory in which every recycling material is collected and shows the recycling procedure... The second photo is taken in the center of my town, in the main and well known to everyone pedestrian road which is called "Asklipiou street"! 
Due to the fact that the garbage and recycling collectors were on strike for some days, the citizens gathered big amounts of recycling materials in some points in the town so as garbage and other materials not to be scattered around the town! This is one of these points in the city center!
Stavros Stamatakis
The program attributed in the growth of my knowledge, acquaintances, collaboration with youth and fun. With 56 participants being the program, the team was great and there were many opportunities to reach its goals. The organizers were supportive before but also during the program. Overall it was a very beautiful and fruitful experience.
Evangelia Koukosia
As far as the project’s dissemination is concerned, I have done a presentation to my scholarships (belonging to the University of Thessaly) about the opportunities that Erasmus+ offers to young people. I also mentioned the activities that took part during my participation in similar programs. Finally, I encouraged them to follow this interesting path and not only more active but also proactive. After the presentation, we picked the garbage from the place outside the university.
Savvakis Tsiolis
Every youth exchange is lifetime experience, is a unique opportunity to rediscover myself, to change my prospective on life and attitude, to gain new knowledge, new experience, friends and ideas. In the particular project in Vatra Dornei, I gain, throughout the activities and the dialectic method of learning a better understanding toward the importance to be an active citizen and to be more proactive. In addition, the place and the activities help me to “reconnect” with the nature and to realize that is our job to protect this beautiful planet.
After my return to Athens, I decide to be more proactive, so I decided to organize a presentation in my University of West Attica about Erasmus+ opportunities and specifically to share what I learned in the youth exchange in Romania. I was planning to make the presentation in October but unfortunately my University courses started in the end of November and my presentation postponed for new year. Beside the presentation and in alignment with my philosophy toward the importance to be active on local level, I decide to take action in my neighborhood, at first, I inform the owners of local restaurant and mini market how important is to their business image and to the environment the usage of recycling bins. Beside that I constantly promoting on daily basis the use of the national rewarding recycling program.
Anna Samouri
My hometown, Megara, gathers a lot of litter despite its small population, so I gathered some of my friends and whoever wanted to join us to clear some rubbish in my neighborhood. We cleared up the rubbish that was on the ground, put the correct materials into the recycling bins and transferred some of it to other bins nearby, because they were too full. Not many people were willing to help us, but my sister and I tried to motivate everyone and we managed to make our town a little tidier.

Valeria Symeou
In my city, me and my friends organized a team to clean the trash in my neighborhood. We decided to clean the neighborhood because our goal is to inspire others to be more proactive.

Manolis Stamatakis
My name is Manolis Stamatakis and I took part through the dream team in the Do It ProActiv Youth Exchange program, Vatra Dornei. The experience was unique both in terms of activities and entertainment. With 56 participants from 6 different countries taking part there were pleasures for acquaintances and an interesting exchange of views. The organizers were incredibly organized throughout the program but before that with great consistency in the timeframe and provided us with the maximum assistance wherever we need. Finally, our stay and our diet was found in very good quality. The whole program was a fantastic experience.

Αν θέλεις και εσύ να ζήσεις μία αντίστοιχη εμπειρία "ζωής" μείνε συντονισμένος στη σελίδα μας για να ενημερώνεσαι για τις δράσεις μας στην Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό!

Join the dream! Join Erasmus+!

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