ERASMUS+  Youth Exchange
"Mind Your Mind"

Που; Jablunkov, Czech Republic

Πότε;  19-27 Σεπτεμβρίου 2022  
(συμπεριλαμβανομένων των ημερών ταξιδιού)

Συμμετέχοντες: 4 άτομα 18 - 30 ετών
συν 1 αρχηγός ομάδας άνω των 18 ετών.

Καλύπτονται 100% διαμονή και διατροφή (3 γεύματα τη μέρα)
και εισιτήρια έως το ποσό των 275 ευρώ. 

Κόστος συμμετοχής: 40 ευρώ


Our international youth exchange will take place in Jablunkov (a town located in the east of Czechia). 
The aim of the project is to learn about more about the topics of depression, mental health, diseases connected with mental health and to share our cultural identity and to make new international friendships and connections.
30 youngsters coming from Czechia, Poland, Lithuania, Serbia, Greece and Italy will work together to achieve the objectives of the project. 
During the activities we will use various non-formal and informal learning methods such as energizers, games, intercultural evenings, study visits, reflections, discussions etc.

We will be accomodated in a hotel called "Penzion u Pinkasů - private wellness in Beskydy mountains". 
The hotel is situated 2km away from the center of Jablunkov town. Lunch and dinner will be provided by the local restaurants, which will serve the traditional Czech dishes. Breakfast and coffee breaks will be provided by us. The activities will be realized in the hotel and its surroundings, there are many facilities which we can use to implement the activities and in our free time including:
- a football field
- a field with artificial surface
- various playgrounds and places for doing exercise and workout
- a small grocery store and a local pub
- an outdoor swimming pool (with icy water)
- a billiard room and a table football table
- a wellness center - includes finnish and turkish sauna, large jacuzzi.

*We will be accommodated in rooms for 2-4 people. The bathrooms and toilets are shared. 
You can check the hotel on the website:

The weather in September is usually warm, the average temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius. You might want to use light jacket and long trousers at night though.

We strongly advise you to waterproof clothes. Take some sportswear too, we plan to play many games outdoors at the playground. Also bring some traditional food and beverages from your country for the intercultural evening. Also bring your laptops, cameras and smartphones, they will be needed during the activities.


Eάν θέλεις να λάβεις μέρος σε αυτό το πρόγραμμα στην Τσεχία, δεν έχεις παρά να κάνεις την αίτησή σου μέχρι 21 Αυγούστου 2022 στον παρακάτω σύνδεσμο: 

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