Youth Exchange "In Media We Trust?"

Media technology as well as the media industry have changed tremendously over the last decade. Youth are confronted with opportunities and risks through traditional and digital media, which were unknown to previous generations. Media literacy has become an essential skill to be able to critically engage with media as well as fully contribute to and participate in a society saturated with media. Youth today should become responsible media consumers and creators.

The Youth Exchange "In Media we trust?" will take place in the capital of Greece, Athens. During the Youth Exchange we will deal with the above-mentioned themes as we aspire to become agents of change by turning into social and civic journalists, learning the culture of Media Literacy, create media productions on relevant issues and develop a framework for media literacy.


Through debates, discussions, workshops, games and outdoor activities, implementing non-formal education methods, we aspire to have an insight on mass media history and learn its power to democratisation processes, for ex. in Eastern Europe during and after the Soviet Union’s collapse while at the same time explore its negative side, like state propaganda. Coming to today's reality with the great expansion of social media, we will deal with the new era where we are not just information consumers but also creators. We will explore its freedom and its limits and the existing problems of media. Based on our own research and experience, we will present our realities and issues of the media in our countries and discuss the similarities and differences between us. What is important is that we will discuss the power of media under the scope of democracy, social inclusion, human rights, gender equality, youth participation and find ways to promote them and raise our voice. At last, we will learn how to protect ourselves from fake news and media manipulation. We will create advertising campaigns where we will implement all the knowledge acquired during these 10 days which we will present to the local community on an open event on the last day. By this practice, we will speak up and show what we have learnt and most importantly, how to use the media to promote youth participation and social causes such as solidarity and gender equality. We will engage and interact with the local community in most of our outdoor activities, including our intercultural evenings.

We will stay at Orion Dryades Hotel at the heart of Athens. Our workshops will take place at the hotel, in an outdoor amphitheater and around the city :) 
Official website: 

The Youth Exchange will take place in Athens, from 9 to 20 December, 2022.

Participating countries: Greece, Armenia, Estonia, Italy and Spain.


4 Greek youngsters will have the opportunity to attend the exchange. 

This is your chance to meet DreamTeam and get involved in our activities! 

Do not miss this opportunity, fill in the application form below:

until November 17, 2022


This project is co-funded 
by the Erasmus+ programme of European Union.


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