ΕRASMUS+ Υοuth Exchange 
Που; Kobuleti, GEORGIA
Πότε; 14-26 Oκτωβρίου 2019  
(συμπεριλαμβανομένων των ημερών ταξιδιού)

Συμμετέχοντες: 4 άτομα 18-30 ετών 
και 1 αρχηγός ομάδας χωρίς όριο ηλικίας

Καλύπτονται 100% διαμονή και διατροφή (3 γεύματα τη μέρα)
και εισιτήρια έως το ποσό των 275ευρώ. 

Στους συμμετέχοντες μετά το τέλος του προγράμματος, θα δοθεί το πιστοποιητικό Youthpass που είναι αναγνωρισμένο σε όλη την Ε.Ε.

Δηλώσεις συμμετοχής έως την ΠΕΜΠΤΗ 5 ΣΕΠΤΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2019

Youth participation is one of the most important guarantees for succeeding democratization and civil society in the world. Therefore, Civil Society Organizations have an important role to encourage youth participation in democratic processes by finding the most efficient and up to date methodologies of non-formal education. 

The overall goal of the project is to promote young people's participation and leadership in decision-making and governance, to improve urban livelihoods and develop sustainable human settlements. 

The main objectives of the project are:

-Fostering skills, dispositions, and knowledge necessary for effective participation in local/national democracy
-Ensuring access to those understandings and skills required for satisfying and responsible lives 

-Deepening the understanding of the democratic process and the complexity of inclusion in a democratic political system.-Creating an awareness and discussion about the conflict between individual needs and the need of a collective/society.
-Practicing tools for youth intervention and participation in our own communities and realities.

The objectives will be reached by adopting a methodology which will enable young participants to feel more motivated and encouraged by understanding their own potential, becoming part of a group and exchanging with ideas and successful practices. Moreover, they will have the chance to come up with real life solutions and be a change agents by becoming social journalists, learning the culture of a debate and making social advertisements that will promote youth participate in civic life in their local communities.
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για kobuleti city

Participating countries: Latvia, Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, Greece.
Youth exchange will take place from 14 of October (arrival day) until 26 of October (departure day) this year '19.
There are no VISA required to enter Georgia, just a valid travel passport.
You can choose between airports of Kutaisi, Batumi or Tbilisi. Remember to choose the cheapest travel option to be eligible for the reimbursement. You will need to submit all tickets, originals, boarding passes. As well as the invoices provided by the transport companies.

Eάν θέλεις να συμμετέχεις σε αυτή την ξεχωριστή ανταλλαγή συμπλήρωσε τη φόρμα συμμετοχής μέχρι 5/9

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