Youth Exchange: "The many faces of EU"

“Τhe many faces of EU” is a 9-day Youth Exchange that will involve a total of 36 participants from 6 European countries
The project will focus on the topics of solidarity and tolerance, equality and anti-discrimination. Driven from our own experiences, we have identified behaviours that don’t represent a coherent European Union that promotes inclusion and embraces different nationalities. 

Our main aim is to deeply reflect on, raise awareness and explore the challenges and issues of social inclusion in Europe. 

What we want to achieve: 
- Raise awareness about the issue of xenophobia and other forms of discrimination through non-formal education
- Promote intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding between European youth that come from different social and cultural environments
- Develop Critical Thinking Skills in order to combat hate speech and discriminatory discourses wherever they happen
- Acquire, through direct immersion in the intercultural reality of Athens, a comprehension of the factors that may result in nationalism and xenophobia
- Find solutions to the abovementioned factors
- Promote EU values
- Support mutual learning and exchange of good practices in the field of social inclusion
- Gain awareness of the plight of minorities and immigrants in Europe, as well as of the challenges that both the state and society face in dealing with these groups
- Be empowered to fight the effects of rising nationalism and xenophobia
- Facilitate intercultural and inter-religious dialogue 
- Promote Erasmus+ Programme opportunities and Youthpass certificate
- Promote European cooperation in the youth field.

In line with the purpose of the project, it also targets the Erasmus+ objectives as they are specified in the Resolution on a renewed system for EU cooperation in the youth field: motivate young people to participate actively in society by encouraging social integration through initiatives such as volunteering; Education and Training; social inclusion; involvement in areas such as human rights, culture.
The project also focuses on intercultural exchange between participating countries, with activities like intercultural night & national cultural evenings. The competences gained by the participants will be validated through Youthpass. All activities are based on the approach, principles and methods of non-formal education.

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